About the Company

Corporate Name:

8a+ SICAV S.A.

Registered office:

49, avenue J.F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg

Company's purpose:

Invest assets in transferable securities and other financial assets permitted by law, with the purpose of spreading investment risks and affording its shareholders the results of the management of its assets.

8a+ is an open-ended investment company registered on the official list of undertakings for collective investment pursuant to part I of the Luxembourg law of 17th December, 2010 on collective investment undertakings (the " UCITS IV Law").

The Company is managed by 8a+ Investimenti SGR

The Board of Directors of the Company consists of the following persons:

  • Mr. Nicola Morelli Stefani (Chairman), 8a+ Investimenti SGR, Varese (Italy);
  • Mr. Andrea Pastorelli (Director), 8a+ Investimenti SGR, Varese (Italy);
  • Mrs. Ilaria Saporiti (Director), 8a+ Investimenti SGR, Varese (Italy);
  • Mr. Carlo Alberto Montagna (Director), The Directors' Office, Luxembourg.

About the Company